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The Best Fishing Spots in Punjab: Where to Catch Fish and

Introduction: Punjab, a state in India with five rivers, is
not just famous for its culture but also offers great opportunities for
fishing. There are many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs where people who love
fishing can have a wonderful time. In this article, we will talk about the best
fishing spots in Punjab, where you can go, enjoy the peaceful environment, and
catch some fish too.

  1. Harike
    Wetland, Amritsar
    : Harike Wetland is a big area near the place where two
    rivers meet, the Beas and Sutlej. It's a beautiful place to go fishing
    with many different kinds of fish like catfish, rohu, and carp. You can
    relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while fishing.

  2. Ranjit
    Sagar Lake,
    Pathankot: Ranjit Sagar Lake is a big lake surrounded by
    hills. It's made by a dam and has lots of fish like mahseer, trout, and
    catfish. The calm water and the pretty views make it a popular spot for
    fishing and enjoying nature.

  3. Pong
    Dam, Kangra:
    Pong Dam is on the Beas River and is not only a big dam but
    also a great place for fishing. The water behind the dam is huge, and you
    can find fish like catla, mrigal, and grass carp. The peaceful atmosphere
    and the view of the mountains make it a wonderful spot to go fishing.

  4. Bhakra
    Nangal Dam, Nangal
    : Bhakra Nangal Dam is one of the biggest dams in the
    world and a fantastic place for fishing. It's surrounded by the Shivalik
    Range, and the water behind the dam has many fish like golden mahseer,
    catfish, and tilapia. You can hire a boat or find a good spot on the bank
    to fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  5. Kanjli
    Wetland, Kapurthala:
    Kanjli Wetland is near Kapurthala and is a unique
    place for fishing in Punjab. It's not very big but has many different
    kinds of fish like rohu, catfish, and grass carp. The calm atmosphere and
    the chance to see birds that migrate there make it a special place for

  1. Beas
    River, Kullu-Manali:
    The Beas River is a beautiful river that flows
    through the valleys of Kullu and Manali. It's a great place for fishing
    with clear water and stunning views of the Himalayas. You can catch
    different kinds of trout like brown trout and rainbow trout while enjoying
    the peaceful surroundings.

  2. Ropar
    Wetland, Rupnagar:
    Ropar Wetland is a famous bird sanctuary and a popular
    fishing spot in Punjab. It's located near Rupnagar and offers a serene
    atmosphere. You can find fish like catfish, rohu, and mrigal there. While
    fishing, you can also see many birds that visit the wetland during the
    winter months.

  3. Sidhwan
    Canal, Ludhiana:
    If you prefer a fishing spot closer to urban areas, the
    Sidhwan Canal in Ludhiana is a good choice. The canal stretches from
    Sidhwan Bet to Ferozepur Road and is known for its catfish population. You
    can enjoy fishing along the canal's banks while being surrounded by
    greenery and the soothing sound of flowing water.

  4. Kali
    Bein, Sultanpur Lodhi:
    Kali Bein is a small river near Sultanpur Lodhi
    that holds religious importance. It's also a peaceful spot for fishing.
    You can catch fish like catfish and rohu while enjoying the calm
    atmosphere of this spiritually significant river.

  5. Sukhna
    Lake, Chandigarh:
    Sukhna Lake is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts
    in both Punjab and Haryana. It's a well-maintained lake in Chandigarh
    where you can have a peaceful fishing experience. The lake is stocked with
    fish like catfish, rohu, and mrigal, ensuring a rewarding fishing trip.
    You can also enjoy a boat ride or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful


Punjab offers a variety of fishing spots where you can have
a great time. Whether you prefer the rivers like Beas or Kali Bein, the serene
wetlands like Ropar Wetland and Kanjli Wetland, or the beautiful lakes like
Sukhna Lake, there is something for everyone. These spots provide not only a
chance to catch fish but also an opportunity to connect with nature and find
peace in the tranquil surroundings. So, pack your fishing gear, explore these
wonderful fishing spots, and create lasting memories in Punjab's fishing


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